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Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Tabur adventure!

Salam to all my readers of this blog which is fully of my travel along my journey.How are you?i hope all  of you in good healthy now.Long time I have not updated my blog since I have many activities to do and plus busy with preparation for final exam.This time ,I want to tell you about my latest activity.Currently,i went to go for hiking which I taught it was a tough experience for me.Hiking to gunung tabor behind iium(my campus) was unprepared activity,without any safety preparation and only one bottle of mineral water we brought at that time.In the mean time,we doesn’t expect we can go further for this hiking of gunung tabor,plus other factors which is induced us to go this further.First and foremost,let me tell u about gunung tabor,gunung tabor is located at empangan klang gates.It takes about 9 kilo something to go to the place where the people used to start their hiking from iium gombak.As a student of iium,we feel eager to go there,this is because from the peak of gunung tabor ,we can see the view of iium Gombak campus.Hiking gunung tabur with another 5 of my friends was great for me,because there was non of us have experience before on this hiking activity.After warm up ,we started to hike this gunung tabur ,luckily there was a group of Chinese also went to hike and without wasting any time, we follow them..Alhamdulillah,we had confidence to go to continue our hiking because there was not only of us and that Chinese group but there was also another group went to hike with us.We have been informed that,there is a few of checkpoint to go up there from checkpoint 1 until checkpoint 8.The height of this gunung tabur is about to exceed 1000meter.Treking the road that have been marked from the people before us,eases for us to continue our hiking up there.Earlier journey we can see the trees again,but more we were going up,it much less trees up there.The more we go up,the more difficult for us to climb up.From 30 degree climbing follow by 45 degree ,now it came to climb about 80 degree something.Every checkpoint,we took many photos there.Beautiful view and nice scenery there that we can see.Gunung tabur is a unic mountain which is located in the middle between city of KL and dam of klang gates.View of iium is very clear from there(the top of gunung tabur).After 3 hours taken to hike until checkpoint 8 ,now we planned to go back.But,our step was stop by group of Chinese that we were follow from early starting hiking.”If you go back,you all are chicken!”,said by leader of that group of Chinese.His words induced us to continue our journey;”How can we just surrendered to that old man who can go and continue passing the checkpoint 8?” said one of us.This time ,we have to used the rope,because the slope is about 90 degree.Alhamdulillah ,everyone from us have succeed passing this dangerous slope.Although one of us have lose his focus and nearly to fell down .It was sound of stone there when he tried to go up with fully attach on the rope.If he let down his hand,it may be turn into a tragedy.But,thankful to Allah because lastly he could cope that problem.After that,all of us become more careful and always mind our own steps.Actually,checkpoint 8 is not the last checkpoint,there is another 2 checkpoint next ,it is checkpoint 10 the last.But not every people can go there,because it is dangerous.Alhamdulillah,we were at checkpoint 10 at last.If it is not because of that Chinese,may be we have already sleep at mahallah now.haha.more we climb,more we feel so exhausted plus there was not enough mineral water we brought.Now,sun already straight above our head.Means that,it s now for us to go down.Going jungle trekking is better than go climbing before,because climbing need more focus,If you r not focus,u will fall down.Finally,we already finish our hiking.After we go down,it was raining.alhamdulillah we had earlier going down.If not,may be we will be blocked up there.Everyone from us always talking about that first time going hiking,sharing interesting moment there was also have.I hope we will hiking again for next time but for other mountain lah..wassalam.


warming up as usual before activity begin

start to hike

peace guys~~

checkpoint 3 i taught~

here is taman melawati.

monkey style.


see the sunrise

we are six members

the view of another mountain there
down see the slope of this tabur

kredit from me..hehe

climbing up...

quite difficult

now,it easy

wait for us


now,here we are!
thinking something.....


empangan klang gates for those ever know
plizzz...giv me some water..hehe


rest at top of tabur

have photo with one of chinese there

try to used rope there to go to another checkpoint

view of iium from the peak of tabur

try to touch top of mountain..


it is very calm ....


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