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Thursday, October 25, 2012

vacation during mid sem Break!

Assalamualaikum W.R.T.  to all readers of dato’s are you?hopefully all of you  will be fine as we already know that “Hari Raya Aidil Adha” just around the corner.As a student of IIUM,we are in Mid Semester Break together  with celebrating this eid coming soon.Holiday is the best that student ‘ll have their enjoyment and fulfill their leisure time with something that they cann’t  do it during they study in campus.But for me,I’ve been visited by my friend,Gehad who is from Yaman.It was my first time that my home had been visited by people from other country.I was surprised for being informed by my friend ,hafiz who is living in the same state with me,Kedah.On 22th October,my friend,Gehad had arrived at Terminal Shahab Perdana in the evening.He told me that ,it was his first time too coming this state,Kedah other than Kuala Lumpur and Kuantan.At my house,we have “makan-makan”.My mother just prepared us with nasi putih and the other dishes like “gulai ikan” and “ikan goreng” .Our activities started after I and hafiz finished our work.At night,we have small squarting in front of Istana Sultan Kedah.Gehad was busy with his DSLR ,capturing more photo of us in front of Istana Sultan Kedah.It is a beautiful palace that we have in  Kedah.Almost for those who are just get married,they ‘ll take their photo here.After that,we went to Rakok to have dinner there.Actually,that place have been recommended by my friend,syahid.Unfortunately,he was not here on that time because he had to stay with his sister in Selangor ,as his parent is going for hajj.At Rakok,we all had ordered “ikan siakap bakar” and “ikan siakap masak tiga rasa”.It is rarely for me to have dinner like that,because I know having dinner with such seafood must be quite expensive.As I and Hafiz had expected before ,the total was RM80++.But,My friend ,Gehad  said ,”it is okay,and they deserve for that price”.So,never mind as long as he said he want to treat us that dinner.I said,he is good person,..hehe.After dinner,we all go back home.Hafiz sent us to my cousin ‘s house because I had parked my superbike there.The situation was back to normal,..haha.because I and Gehad had to go back my house by my superbike.The time was 12.30… was rem-pit time..=P.Gehad hug me so tight because he knew that I was mat rem-pit long long time ago.hehe.Plus he scared of the ghost,..At my home ,we had slept.Tomorrow morning ,we went to hafiz’s house and having karipap’s break.Gehad planned to finished all that karipaps,unluckily his stomach was full.Next destination was Muzium Padi.As usual,before we entered that muzium ,we had photographed session.Many photos that we had captured outside muzium,..and also with many styles.In Muzium,I and hafiz became a touguide for Gehad.Always busy explaining to Gehad about how the process of paddy and where is rice coming from.We explained in English to him,fluently spoke ..Many grammar that we used to speak like bombastic word.Sometimes he dun understand us because he has not enough vocab in his head.haha..sorry Gehad,just want to test you,..=P.After that ,we go back to my house and had lunch.Curry,soup,chilly blended with vegetables…sorry if I am wrong in translating that dishes in English words.Then,we continued our journey with the dutyfree,Padang Besar.Gehad used to buy his new trousers there.Have discussing to get lowest price with seller was what that Gehad did it at Padang Besar.I and Hafiz always let him to discuss alone,and he pass the test we were given..hehe.Then ,we went to Kuala Perlis.Having long journey to go there,we had chanced to take more beautiful photo along our journey to Kuala Perlis.Established our Asr prayer at beautiful mosque beside the seashore of Kuala Perlis was great experience.This is because the scenery from that mosque is nice for those who is passionate in taking photos.At Kuala Perlis,Gehad and Hafiz tried to eat “laksa” there.It is quite delicious laksa  compared to other place at northern of Malaysia especially Kedah and Perlis.We ended our activities with playing bowling at pacific hypermarket in alor star.The result was hafiz is the champion for that game.i’m the second and Gehad got the last place.We advised him to do better on the next time..hehe.Tired playing bowling there,now we went to KFC to have supper.It was the last moment that we had in Kedah with Gehad.After that,we went to home and slept because tomorrow Gehad had planned to go back IIUM and having programme there.Although,it was not so long having time with Gehad ,at least we had time to be gathered with Gehad.Hopefully Gehad got good hospitality from us and come again to Kedah.Thank you for reading.=)…SELAMAT HARI RAYA AIDIL ADHA from FENOMENA DATO MUDA NIZAR…

album of our trip with gehad

Gehad with children in my village

scenery in fromt of my house..(taken by Gehad)

at hafiz's house

with hafiz infront of muzium padi

in muzium padi ,Gehad with his style

Gehad with big seed of paddy

smile in the afternoon

scary face from Gehad

Gehad 's very happy,he got lowest price for his new trousers

taste limau bali in padang besar

both of them feeding ostrich 

now,my turn was feeding that ostrich


relaxing body and mind with hafiz at kuala perlis

having dinner with Gehad and hafiz at rakok;s ikan bakar

Gehad with my sibling and me


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